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Mongoose Shale Shaker

Mongoose Shale Shaker

At present,Linear shale shaker is popular in drilling site,only a few drilling company ask for balanced elliptical shale shaker.With continuous development of drilling technology,The drilling construction is more and more demanding for the shale shaker.Because the drilling depth is getting deeper and deeper,Geology is also becoming more complex.Now double track shale shaker is starting to catch on.

Advantage of Mongoose Shale Shaker:

  • Mongoose Shale Shaker is the combination of linear shale shaker and balanced ellitical shaker.
  • In case of no downtime,it can move the shaker box straight and also move ellipse.
  • High G vibration strength (adjustable) can meet the requirment of separating high viscosity and high gravity mud.
  • Shaker box adopt alloy steel material, it can prolong shaker box life span and high strength.
  • Whole heat treatment can long-time work under high vibration strength.
  • Plate frame net and wedge type compaction device make shaker screen quick replaceable.
  • International brand vibration motor, Matin or OLI.
  • Electrical component adopt international brand Schneider or Siemen.
  • cofferdam type and overhead type slurry inlet tunnel make slurry buffer and flow equalize, and reduce the impact on the screen mesh.
  • Less vulnerable parts,simple operation and maintenance.

Mongoose Shale Shaker Technical Parameters

Model TRZPS584
Vibration Motion Linear+Elliptical Motion
Moter Power 2×1.72kW+0.4kW
Vibration Strength ≤7.5G
Amplitude 6.0~7.2mm
Treatment Capacity 150m³/h
Adjustment Angle -1°~5°
Screen Specs. 585×1165
Quantity 4
Voltage 380V/50HZ,460V/60HZ or Customized
Decibel <85db
Ex Standard ExdIIBt4 / IEC EX / ATEX
Certificate UL / ATEX / BV / IADC / JAS-ANZ / API
Dimension 2966X1600X1280
weight 1550kg
Remarks Mud gravity 1.2g/m³viscosity 45s &shaker screen 60mesh

We can produce double layer or triple layer shale shaker for drilling fluid purification according to customer’s request, and supply the corresponding connection manifold. At the same time, the shaker can be used as bottom shaker for mud cleaner. Shale shaker has the characteristic of high vibration, large screen size, shaker box angle adjustable, compact structure, remarkable performance,cost effective etc. TR Solids control is a professional manufacturer of shale shaker.

TR Solids Control is a leading mud solid control producer. We not only produce shale shaker,but also produce solid control and gas & oil drilling fluid purification system, construction mud treatment system, HDD mud recovery system such as mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, screw pump, centrifugal pump, jet mud mixer, shear pump etc. Welcome to inquire linear shale shaker, We will provide you with professional shale shaker service. If you need more information about mud treatment equipment, pls call TR Solids Control.

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