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Sludge Vacuum Pump

Sludge Vacuum pump is a kind of pneumatic vacuum transfer pump with high load and strong suction, also known as solid transfer pump or drilling cuttings transfer pump.Capable of pumping solids, powders, liquids, and solid-liquid mixtures. The depth of pumping water is 8 meters, and the lift of discharged water is 80 meters. Its unique structural design enables it to operate in the most difficult environment with low maintenance rate.

Advantage of Sludge Vacuum Pump:

  • The Sludge Vacuum pump can operated by one person on duty;
  • Super vacuum can absorb materials at 50m;
  • All flow-through parts of the pump body are almost free of wear;
  • Super large suction can absorb materials with a diameter of more than 7cm;
  • Compressed air can be supplied centrally and transported remotely;
  • Ultra long distance transportation, which can realize ultra long distance of over 1000m;
  • The pump can operate indefinitely for a long time without limit;
  • High applicability to materials: powder, thinner, viscous material, sewage, oil stain, etc;
  • Full pneumatic control has the ability of fire prevention, explosion-proof and moisture-proof, and can be used in high-temperature occasions;
  • China sludge vacuum pump is controlled by manual, automatic and remote control to meet more use scenarios;
  • Pneumatic control has high reliability and long service life. The effective action times of electrical components are about one million times, and the Service life of solenoid valves is more than 200 million times;

Sludge Vacuum Pump Technical Parameters

Sludge Vacuum Pump Technical Parameters

In conclusion, the sludge vacuum pump is a highly efficient and reliable tool for handling sludge removal in various industries. Its ability to handle different types of sludge with ease, time savings, reduction in manual labor, and improved safety make it an indispensable asset. With regular maintenance and proper operation, a sludge vacuum pump can offer a long-lasting solution for efficient sludge management.

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