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6 Sets of Self-priming Pumps to Nigeria

Author:管理员    Date: 2022-06-06

Recently, we received the second order from Nigeria old client. His demand is same as last order,but increasing the order quantity.100m³/h self-priming pump with motor power of 22kw and 100mm for outlet and inlet.This will be used for pump out drilling mud/waste water from cellar/water pit.

100zx100-40 Self-priming pumps  BXK51 expansion proof starters  some vulnerable parts

Finally, the client purchased six 100zx100-40 Self-priming pumps and equipped with six BXK51 expansion proof starters from us. In addition, the client purchased some vulnerable parts according to their own needs,including pump shaft, coupling, mechanical seal,impeller,rear cover. After 20 days of production, we have delivered the goods to our client‘s freight forwarder.

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