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Centrifugal Pump Sent To New Zealand

Author:管理员    Date: 2018-01-30

Centrifugal Pump is designed for transferring drilling fluid or industrial suspension slurry, it can pump viscous and corrosive liquids by use of modern design theory. Compared with the general pump, our pump is with excellent performance, high traffic, high temperature, long service life, easy maintenance, high reliability and remarkable energy saving characteristics. Now it is widely used around the world on onshore and offshore drilling field. We will provide customers with the best pumps to meet different conditions and requirements.

At the end of November, one of our clients from New Zealand ordered one set TRSB8*6-12J centrifugal pump for their urgent use. They only needed bare shaft pump, also with one set spare impeller to suit the pump. Performance curve, instructions and our pump catalogue are required for further requirements. After 7 days assembling, debugging, packaging and shipping, the pump with impeller just left China for New Zealand. Client thought highly of our service. We are looking forward to the next cooperation.

TR Solids Control is professional in designing and manufacturing centrifugal pump, our pump parts can be interchangeable with international brand Mission. In addition, we also can provide one-stop service for other solid control equipment like mud cleaner, mud agitator, shale shaker, shaker screens, desander & desilter, jet mud mixer, shear pump, screw pump, decanter centrifuge. And mud recovery system for oil & gas drilling, HDD trenchless, shield & bored pile etc. Welcome to contact with us for inquiry!

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