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Xi’an Tianrui TRZS584G Drying Shakers and Screens delivery

Author:管理员    Date: 2023-06-01

Four sets of TRZS584G drying shaker and screens produced by Xi’an Tianrui for customers have been loaded and shipped.

The drying shaker is a high-strength shaker independently developed by Tianrui Solid Control in combination with the market demand and the requirements of the oilfield environmental protection field. During the research and development and production process, the drying shaker of our company has been used in oil drilling sites and shield construction for many times. On-site, urban piling sites, etc. are tested and improved; the drying shaker put into the market can meet the requirements of dehydration, screening and purification of various drilling wastes; it has been widely used in various drilling sites and has been highly recognized by customers. 

Advantages of drying shaker:

1. The excitation intensity is as high as 8.5G, and it can be adjusted to effectively dry cuttings;

2. The angle adjustment design of the mechanical synchronous screen box can meet the angle adjustment of the screen box without stopping the machine;

3. The overall heat treatment of the screen box can meet the long-term work under high excitation intensity;

4. Plate-type frame net, plus wedge-type screen pressing device, which is convenient for quick replacement of the screen;

5. The brand vibration motor is adopted, and the quality is guaranteed;

6. The design of the funnel feeding method effectively reduces the feeding height and facilitates the feeding of the conveyor;

7. Few vulnerable parts, easy operation and maintenance.

The drying shaker ordered by the customer this time is used on the oilfield drilling site. Aiming at the requirement of on-site environmental protection that the waste mud does not fall to the ground, it is equipped with a press and a plastic breaking tank to form a water-based mud non-falling system; Xi’an Tianrui It can also provide customers with a complete water-based mud non-floor system, oil-based mud non-floor system and mud circulation system

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