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ZJ30 Solids Control System Delivery

Author:管理员    Date: 2021-07-30

Solids control equipment is a component of mud purification circulation system during drilling process. Through the treatment of solids control system, it can treat the harmful substances in the mud effectively, improve mud performance, and ensure the safe and effective drilling process. Recently, 2 sets ZJ30 solids control equipment ordered by an oil drilling company were completed the in-plant test and package, and will contribute to oilfield drilling business soon.

ZJ30 Solids Control System, oilfield mud recycling system

ZJ30 solids control systems are ready for delivery.

The solids control equipment ordered by our customer include: 2pcs TRZS584 shale shakers, 2pcs TRQJ200×1S-100×4N mud cleaners, 2pcs TRZCQ240 vacuum degassers, TRSB5×4-12 (22kw) 4 sets centrifugal sand pumps, 16 sets of TRJBQ7.5 mud agitators, etc. These equipment form 2 sets of ZJ30 solids control circulation systems. Usually drilling mud solids control system is composed of shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal sand pump, mud agitator, jet mud mixer, shear pump, mud gun, liquid gas separator, electronic ignition device, skid-mounted mud tank and other equipment. Generally, the number of solid control equipment is increased or decreased according to different drilling depth, and match the suitable equipment with corresponding processing capacity.

New batch od solids control system will be used in oil drilling field.

We exported directly or sold with supporting drillers to more than 30 countries and regions in the world such as Russia, United States, Australia, Latin America and the Middle East etc. Making sure to support first-class solid-control equipment with developing “Made-in China” as our own tasks, holding forward-looking to each task, every drawing has technicity to direct, every process has workers to follow up and every product has QC to check on. To provide customers with a full set of solid-control equipment solutions effectively is our company’s goal.

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