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Mud Agitators Ready in TR Workshop

Author:管理员    Date: 2019-07-11

After a half day packing and marking labels, TR Solids Control completed the production and trial assembly of 15pcs mud agitators in our workshop. Now they are ready for shipping out to equip the oil well drilling rigs in Middle East. The powers range from 5.5kw to 15kw. All of the agitators are coupling type with explosion-proof motors. Mud agitator is a kind of solids control equipment combined of reducer and explosion-proof motor. TR agitators are easy to maintain, and suitable for use in the field of harsh conditions.

Factory price mud agitator, China mud agitator manufacturer

TR workers are loading mud agitators in the truck.

TR not only supply horizontal mud agitator, we but also produce vertical mud agitator. Below are the main technical sheet of our mud agitator.

Model Motor Power Impeller Speed Impeller Diameter Impeller Qty. Explosion-proof Standard Weight Dimension
TRJBQ3 3kw 60/72r/min 600mm 1  


190kg 909×525×527mm
TRJBQ5.5 5.5kw 600mm 1 250kg 1072×610×588mm
TRJBQ7.5 7.5kw 650mm 2 380kg 1157×670×607mm
TRJBQ11 11kw 800mm 2 430kg 1297×740×692mm
TRJBQ15 15kw 950mm 2 480kg 1330×890×747mm
TRJBQ18.5 18.5kw 1000mm 2 740kg 1510×890×753mm
TRJBQ22 22kw 1100mm 2 780kg 1529×890×753mm
Remark Above weight and dimension exclude mud agitator shaft.
Drilling fluid mud agitator, oilfield mud agitator for sale

Mud agitators are ready for shipment in TR workshop.

Our mud agitator has a large agitation strength, wide spread, and can reduce starting torque. Currently TRJBQ series mud agitator is used in tunneling construction, oil & gas drilling, Drilling Waste Management, Coal Bed Gas Solids Control System, trenchless HDD, micro-tunneling, Oil Mud Seperation, mining, Oil Sludge Dewatering Systems, environment protection, Water Drilling etc.


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