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Drilling Shale Shaker|Mud Shale Shaker

  • Vibration strength can be adjusted
  • Vibration track uniform
  • Screen options more choice
  • Vibrating Strength 7.5

Mud Decanter Centrifuge

  • Drilling Mud Centrifuge is a kind of decanter solids control is centrifuge manufacturer.Mud centrifuge has been through the API certification.TR decanter centrifuge for sale.

Sludge Dewatering Unit

  • 1.minimise waste generation (liquid waste accounts for 75%+of waste volumes)
  • 2.base fluid recycling,reuse in mud mixing
  • 3.minimum water consumption
  • 4.minimised discharge volumes
  • 5.enhanced solids control by removal colloidal solids
Mud Gas Separator Delivered to Thailand

Mud Gas Separator Delivered to Thailand

Recently, we received a new order of mud gas separator from Thailand customer. They are in urgent need for one piece for trial test. The model they chose is model TRZYQ800 with capacity of 180m3/h finally. Main body diameter of this model …

Drilling Mud Agitators Shipped to India

Drilling Mud Agitators Shipped to India

On August 28th, 20pcs new drilling mud agitators are finished the package and truck loading in our workshop. They would be sent to Shanghai Port for the delivery. This is a new batch order for our India customer. They are a famous oil dril…

Pyramid Shaker Screen Ready for Middle East Client

Pyramid Shaker Screen Ready for Middle East Client

Congratulations! Our new developed client from Middle East ordered new package of pyramid shaker screens. Which will be used in their Derrick 503 shale shaker. They have strict requirement about the quality and package. So we recommended a…

TR Solids Control

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