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Replaceable Rubber Piston

Rubber Piston

Made up of a replaceable Rubber Piston this Fabric Heel piston is the most cost effective. As long as the Rubber piston hub is not worn to indicator marking the rubber can be replaced and used on the existing hub until it becomes too worn.

The best option for water-based drilling fluids is the nitrile rubber compound. Bonding the rubber to the metal hub provides the strongest, most extrusion-resistant style of piston available and also minimizes any leak paths from forming on the inner diameter of the piston. The bonded-lip design has an open inner sealing lip that also enables the rubber to expand inward as a result of thermal expansion without excess loading of the sealing lip. With proper cooling and lubrication from the liner-wash system, the bonded nitrile piston can be used successfully at temperatures up to 250°F (121°C).

Advantage of Rubber Piston:

1.Suitable for ordinary drilling environment with working pressure below 20Mpa.
2.Rated for all drilling operations
3.Maximum operating temperature is 250℉
4.Extended service life.

Rubber Piston Technical Parameters

Metric Specification Dimension Weight Kg Imperial Specification Dimension Weight Kg
Φ100 Φ103*73 2.23 4" Φ105*73 2.2
Φ110 Φ113*73 2.69 4-1/2" Φ117*73 3.17
Φ120 Φ123*73 3.21 5" Φ130*79 4.5
Φ130 Φ134*79 4.49 5-1/2" Φ144*79 5.38
Φ140 Φ145*79 5.35 6" Φ155*79 6.32
Φ150 Φ155*79 6.11 6-1/4" Φ163*84 8.31
Φ160 Φ165*84 8.22 6-1/2" Φ169*84 8.77
Φ170 Φ175*84 9.05 6-3/4" Φ175*84 9.43
Φ180 Φ185*84 9.81 7" Φ181*84 9.96

Rubber Piston for Mud Pump

Mud Pump Piston and cylinder liner are the most important and most commonly used spare parts for mud pump.So it’s also important to choose the mud pump piston.The life of mud pump piston is shorter than that of polyurethane piston.But the price of rubber piston is very advantageous.
Metric pump and imperial pump is corresponding to use of metric and imperial piston. Commonly used is φ170, φ160, φ150 and 6 “, 6-1 / 2″, 7 ” etc. Metric pump F800, F1000, F1300, F1600 Replaceable Rubber pistons are common. F500 Replaceable Rubber piston bore is smaller than the other piston models.
Imperial pump Replaceable Rubber piston F500 – F1600 are all universal.
Metric pump F500 Replaceable Rubber piston bore is φ25.4. F800–1300 mud pump piston bore is φ42, imperial piston bore is φ38.1.
Material: Piston core is forged by 45 # / 35 CrMo / 42CrMo, polyurethane.

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