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Sludge Vacuum Pump,China Sludge Vacuum Pump title=

Sludge Vacuum Pump


Sludge Vacuum pump is a kind of pneumatic vacuum transfer pump with high load and strong suction, also known as solid transfer pump or drilling cuttings transfer pump.Capable of p…

Cutting Dryer,Vertical Cutting Dryer,Vertical Cutting Dryer Supplier title=

Vertical Cutting Dryer


Vertical Cutting Dryer is a single level continuous working horizontal scraper discharging centrifuge. The TR Vertical Cutting Dryer uses centrifugal force to dry drilled solids i…

Shear Pump,mud shearing pump,shear pump drilling fluids system title=

Shear Pump,Drilling Shear Pump


Drilling Mud Shear Pump Mud Shear Pump is specially used to shear polymer and clay in drilling fluid. The polymer (or clay) in drilling fluid system should be sufficiently cut in …

Mud Desander|Drilling Desander title=

Mud Desander|Drilling Desander


Mud Desander Mud Desander also called Desander. It is composed of hydraulic desander  hydrocyclone, shale shaker and cyclone pipe. Desander uses centrifugal force to separate. Des…

Jet mud mixer,Jet mixing device,Mixing Hopper,jet mixer manufacturer title=

Jet Mud Mixer|Jet Mixing Device


Jet Mud Mixer Mixing hopper is used to prepare or aggravate drilling fluid,change the density,viscosity,water loss of the drilling fluid. If put the drilling fluid materials and c…

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