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Sludge Dewatering Unit

Sludge Dewatering Unit

The dewatering unit is a key component of the close loop. It will act as an aid of the solids control equipment when it is not possible to remove colloidal particles making the waste mud reusable in the drilling operation. If required,this Sludge Dewatering Unit can be used for waste treament with final disposal purposes. The separation of liquid and solids from waste using chemically enhanced centrifugation has been used extensively in industrial waste-water treatment. Numerous studies and experiments as well as documentation of field applications have taken place in the oil and gas industry in recent years. Sepatation limitations of mechanical equipment typically used in drilling operations is approxmately 3 microns. It can be achieved by a essentially all of the suspended solids from the feed slurry.

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The Sludge Dewatering Unit process used is a combination of several mechanical components each with a specific function.  There are three segments to the system:

Delivery -Pumping the liquid to the dewatering system and pumping/metering polymer into the flocculation manifold.
Blending-Mixing liquid waste from the barge or active system mud,dilution(if necessary),and polymers,in the desired proportions to flocculate the slurry prior to the centrifuge.
Separation-Separate the flocculated slurry intro a solids sludge and clear, re-usable liquid, with a high speed centrifuge. The methods used to accommodate these three segments may vary from one Sludge Dewatering Unit to another. But the basic delivery,blending,and separation functions are the key elements in any dewatering process.
As shown in the figure 1, the waste mud is taken from the active system,then the mud is pumped through the Sludge dewatering unit where coagulants and flocculants are added to improve the solids separation. Final stage is the processing of the flocculants mud through the high speed centrifuge. The liquid recovered, free of solids is returned back to the system and, the solids removed are collected in the cuttings catch tank for final disposal in the polygon

The dewatering,composed of the dewatering unit,centrifuge and feed pump,will enable:

1.minimise waste generation (liquid waste accounts for 75%+of waste volumes)
2.base fluid recycling,reuse in mud mixing
3.minimum water consumption
4.minimised discharge volumes
5.enhanced solids control by removal colloidal solids
The Sludge Dewatering Unit is designed to treat waste mud from either a waste pit or holding tank to prduce clean water. It is suitable for re-use on site and a solid whcih more easily handled and disposed of.
The system comprises a containerised chemical treatment system and a high centrifuge complete with a feed pump,electrical control system and all ancillary piping,hoses and gauges. This unit also incorporates a small workbench area.

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