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Mud Recycling System

HDD Mud Recycling System

HDD Mud Recovery System is an important part of directional drilling and pipe jacking construction. HDD Mud Recycling System has the function of recycling, purifying and preparing the mud.

HDD mud recycling system is suitable for construction projects with high mud capacity. Mud recovery system purification process is divided into three stages :The first stge of mud shale shaker,the second and the third stage of desander and desilter.  Both desander and desilter are equipped with underflow shale shaker to further treat solids discharged from the upper equipment. Necessary mud material is added to the purification slurry through mud preparation device, after stirring uniformly to prepare slurry with qualified recovery performance. This reduces the construction cost greatly and protects the environment effectively.

Function of HDD Mud Recycling System

HDD Mud Recovery System is to remove the solid particles contained in the mud from bottom of the well,to prepare and store the mud .

In order to maintain low solid phase and performance in line with the performance requirements of construction technology, fine slurry is supplied to mud pump and injected into the well.  Thereby improving drilling speed, ensuring the quality of well depth, reducing equipment wear, decreasing drilling cost and reducing the occurrence of construction accidents.

HDD Mud Recycling System Technical Parameters

Model Capacity m3/h Screen Area  m2 Purification Times Power kW Total Volume  m3
TRMR-200 50 2.3 2 35 5
TRMR-500 120 4 3 125 15
TRMR-1000 240 6 3 185 30


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