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High G Drying Shaker

Drilling Fluids Drying shaker

High G Drying Shaker is used in slurry drilling waste management system. A good performance drying shaker can help drilling contractors to recover more mud and reduce drilling costs. The vibration force of Drilling Fluids Drying Shaker is larger than an ordinary mud shale shaker.

High G Force Drying shaker is design for drying the cuttings from the solids control equipments.Drilling Fluids Drying shaker to remove solid particles can be piled up,fully satisfies the requirement of transportation.High intensity shale shaker large amplitude vibration high strength has a lot of use in the slurry waste management.High strength and vibration of the G – force during continuous operation adjusted by frequency converter.

Advantage of High G Drying shaker:

  • shaker deck Angle adjustment, convenient and reliable.
  • shaker deck sealed patent design, good sealing effect, long service life, and easy to replace.
  • shaker deck at the bottom of stainless steel materials, corrosion resistance and greatly improve the service life.
  • shaker deck overall heat treatment, which can meet high vibration intensity work long hours.
  • Plate framework screen, wedge type mesh compression shaker, to facilitate quick screen change.
  • Adopt international brand vibration motor, Martin motor.
  • The international famous brand electrical components, Siemens and schneider components.
  • Many ways for feeding the fluids, convenient use different occasions: back logging, overhead type logging jar, funnel type feed box.

High G Shale Shaker Technical Parameters

Model   TRZS703G  TRZS585G
Vibrating Model   Linear  Linear
Motor Power   2×1.94kW  2×1.94
Vibrating Strength   ≤8.5G  ≤8.5G
Amplitude   7.0~8.5mm  6.0~7.2mm
Capacity   500GPM  615GPM
Deck Adjustment   -3°~+3°  -3°~+3°
Screen Specs  700×1250  585×1165
Screen of Deck   3  4
Electric  460V/60HZ or Customized 460V/60HZ or Customized
Decibels   <85db <85db
Ex Standard   ExdIIBt4 / IEC EX/ ATEX ExdIIBt4 / IEC EX/ ATEX
Dimension   2800X1785X1750  2800X1600X1690
Weight  1650kg 1850kg
Approvals:  UL / ATEX / BV / IADC / JAS-ANZ / API  UL / ATEX / BV / IADC / JAS-ANZ / API
Remarks  You need to variable frequency shale shaker, please inform us in advance

Process of the High G Drying Shaker Operation

Shale Shaker and desander desilters will be picked up by a screw conveyor,and another screw conveyor will take the drilling cuttings to feed to the High G Drying Shaker. Client will install a low profile drying shaker just under the solids control tank to feed to the drying shaker. The drilling cuttings will be drying by the high G Force Dry Shaker, and fluids will be catched by the tank under the shaker, a centrifuge feed pump will take the fluids and feed to a high speed decanter centrifuge, after treatment by the high speed decanter centrifuge, the fluids can return back the active mud system for resue.

We are an exporter of Drilling Fluids Drying Shaker.Our factory approval the API Q1,High G Shale Shaker have the API certification.TR solids control is the designed,selling,production,service and delivery of China Drilling Fluids drying shaker manufacturer. We will provide the high quality Mud drying shakers and best service.Your best High G Shale Shaker start from TR solids control.

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