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VSM300 Shaker Screen

VSM300 Shaker Screen

Shaker Screen is very important for  Drilling Mud Shale Shaker,Because shaker screen is easy to break the parts.The effect of separation is affected by the screen.VSM300 Screen for Brandt VSM300 Shale Shaker.

VSM300 Shale Shaker Screen main feature as follows :

1)These VSM300 shaker screen panels are constructed with two or three 304 or 316 Stainless. Steel wire cloth layers with a steel backing plate and steel frame combined together. Because of different mesh size and hole size,get a better filtering effect.
2) The bottom high strength steel frame,supporting bar with the moderate tension screen cloth,combined together,infinitely enhance the screen intensity and endurance,get a better filtering effective. Mesh sizes ranging from 20 to 325. The whole cloth is divided into independent small surfaces ,prevent the part exceessive expansion damaged. With a special rubber plug together to repair damage,save the time to replace the screen ,increase the effciency and reduce the cost.

VSM300 Shaker Screen Specifications

Model Of Shaker Screen Dimension Mesh Range Weight
V1 Brandt VSM 300 Scalping 940*676mm 10-325 12kgs
V2 Brandt VSM 300 Primary 885*686mm 10-325 11kgs
V3 Brandt VSM 300 Secondary 686*208mm 40-325 8kgs
V4 Brandt VSM 100 913*650mm 20-325 10kgs

Competitive Advantage:

  • Effective Filtering Area.
  • Long Service Life.

We are an Shaker Screen Supplier.TR is a VSM300 screen maufuacturer and china Steel frame screen supplier.Our factory approval the API,Drilling Shale Shakers and drilling shaker screen have the API certification.TR solids control is the designed,selling,production,service and delivery of Chinese drilling fluid shakers manufacturers.We will provide the high quality VSM300 Screen and swaco mongoose shaker screen.

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