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Choke Manifold|Well Choke Manifold

Choke Manifold Introduction

An arrangement of piping and special valves, called chokes.The well choke manifold is a necessary piece of equipment used for controlling the well kick and implementing oil-gas well pressure control technologies.
In drilling, mud is circulated through a well choke manifold when the blowout preventers are closed; a choke manifold is also used to control the pressures encountered during a kick. In well testing, a choke manifold attached to the wellhead allows flow and pressure control for test components downstream.

Well Choke Manifold Structure:

The well choke manifold is composed of a choke valve, gate valve, pipeline, fittings, pressure gauge, etc

Choke Manifold functions:

• It allows wellhead pressure to be controlled, improving safety.
• It maintains a certain flow rate, as required for testing. A test can require different flow rates over several time periods, requiring the use of different choke sizes.
• It prevents formation sand from entering the well by limiting the flow rate. Limiting the flow rate reduces the speed of the fluid, which in turn, minimizes the amount of sand entering the well.
• It also prevents water and gas coning by limiting the flow rate.
• It is also used to ensure that the flow is critical, meaning that the pressure fluctuations downstream of the choke manifold do not affect downhole pressure and flow rate of the well.
The pressure of the choke manifold supply by TR Solids Control can be divided into six classes: 2000 psi, 3000 psi, 5000 psi,10000 psi, 15000 psi and 20000 psi. It also can be designed according to customer requirements.

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BOP choke manifold

Rated Working Pressure 2000psi-20000psi
Bore Size 2 1/16in-4 1/16in(52mm-103mm)
Temperature Rating P-U(-29-121℃、L-U(-45-121℃)
Material Grade DD-FF
Work Medium Oil with carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulphide,natural gas,drilling fluid

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