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Mud Shale Shaker Important Feature

Author:管理员    Date: 2018-04-18

Drilling liquid technical skill is a significant componant for modern drilling engineering. Particularly along with new drilling process and technology put into use, The request to drilling fluid performance is increasing day by day. Drilling experience proved contents of solid phrase and the size of the solid particles in drilling fluid have a big impact on drilling fluid. They can be divided into two classes: one is useful solid phrase, such as bentonite,chemical treating agent, barite etc. another is harmful solid phrase, such as rock waste,inferior bentonite,sand etc. What is called solid phrase control(short for solid control), which clear away harmful solid phrase from drilling liquid and preserve useful solid phrase, to meet the drilling process requirements.

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Drilling fluid solid control for modern rig is composed of drilling Shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander and decanter centrifuge and so on. It is used for clear away different solid particles step by step. Among them, shale shaker is the most basic solid control facility which returns drilling fluid from the mouth of the well. It not only undertakes tasks of removing larger particles, but also create conditions for the work of next level solid sontrol facility. If the work of the shale shaker is abnormal, it is also difficult for cyclone desander to work properly. Therefore, research on shale shaker is getting more and more attention in world drilling community. In oil drilling operations, shale shaker are mainly used for clear away rock waste in drilling fluid and other harmful solid particles. On one hand, it requires a lot of processing power and can recycle high-cost drilling fluid as much as possible; on the other hand, it requires clear away harmful solid particles in drilling fluid as much as possible and it’s better clear away considerable harmful solid particle which is smalller than screen mesh, that is this particular basic requirement which promote the continuous updating and development of shaker. At the same time, Because drilling liquid shale shaker works in the open pit, it’s work condition are particularly bad. Hence, another requirement for drilling fluid shale shaker is continuously improving the reliability of the whole machine and accessories. Especially vulnerable parts such as shaker screen’s reliability and life span.

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