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Technology characteristcs of drilling shale shaker

Author:管理员    Date: 2018-05-18

Drilling Mud Shale Shaker

Drilling cuttings produced during drilling are brought to the ground by drilling fluid. Drilling mud Shale shaker is one of essential removing drilling cuttings equipment. If drilling fluids shale shaker doesn’t work is hard for follow-up mud cleaner and mud decanter centrifuge to work.So shale shaker is a key equipment in mud purification system.

Main feature of shale shaker:

1. Medium that mud shale shaker sieves is liquid. Waste are solid particles.
2. Drilling liquid that drilling shale shaker sieves is a mixture of liquid phrase, solid phrase and chemical treating agent, which physicochemical properties vary greatly.
3. Shale shaker sieve are maily cuttings, particle size ranges from a few meters to more than 20 millimeters. The requirement for screen underflow the thinner the better,  so the maximum number of mesh used is 25 mesh.

4. Shale shaker are required to has the characteristics of good mobility,easy for installation, quick screen replacement, easy to operate, stable performance, less vulnerable parts etc.
5. The sieving process that drilling cuttings sieve in shale shaker is far more complex than dry matter. Solid particles in the screen of drilling shale shaker can not form a material layer, in general, solid particles go through the screen according to the size of the mesh in the case of the screen vibration.Particles smaller than the mesh size keep filtering through the screen, particles bigger than the mesh size drain out along the screen. Normally liquid cover length in shaker screen is two thirds of the screen.

drilling shale shaker supplier,drilling shale shaker manufacturer

drilling shale shaker supplier,drilling shale shaker manufacturer

Due to the influence of drilling fluid viscosity,meanwhile the cuttings adsorbed a film of water. These solid particles are difficult to pass through the mesh. The size of solid particles that pass through the mesh is much smaller than the screen mesh.

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