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New Shale Shaker Ready for Delivery

Author:管理员    Date: 2019-05-23

Good news from TR factory! On May.22th, 6 sets new shale shaker are completed production and debugging at our workshop. They are waiting for delivering to our UAE client in drilling waste management site. As one of hot selling product, TR drilling shaker is popular by customers at home and abroad. Now it’s applied to many industries like oil & gas drilling, horizontal directional drilling, drilling waste management, tunneling, coal-bed gas, sludge treatment etc.

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New shale shaker is ready for delivery in TR factory.

At this time, our client requires balanced elliptical motion shale shaker because of large capacity and high efficiency. Model of these 6 sets shaker is TRPS584, and capacity can arrive 140m3/h. Each shaker has two motors with power 1.94+1.0kw. It has 4pcs 585*1165mm shaker screens, and screen area is 2.7m2. We have adjustable G-force about 7.1G. Double amplitude is 7mm. Our BEM shaker can increase 25%-30% capacity compared with ordinary drilling shaker. It strengthens the dehydration of shaker screen, and makes drilling cuttings drier. This could reduce the drilling cost.

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BEM shale shaker is completed for shipping to our UAE client.

TR Solids Control is well-known in manufacturing mud shaker in China. Besides, we also supply linear motion drilling shaker and drying shaker. At present, our shale shaker has exported to many countries like Thailand, Vietnam, UAE, Russia, Australia,US, Egypt, South Africa, South America. If any interest, come to contact us now!

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