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Oil-Based Drilling Waste Management for Delivery

Author:管理员    Date: 2020-10-22

Oil-based drilling waste management customized by a domestic customer is ready in TR workshop at last week. It will help the environmental protection of oil drilling industry. As China’s domestic environmental protection requirements continue to increase, oil drilling sites also require mud not to be treated on the ground. In addition, this scheme has been widely used in international market of many countries.

Oil-based drilling waste management, drilling cuttings separation

Oil-based drilling waste management is ready in TR workshop.

Main configured equipment ordered by our client covers TRCD930C vertical cutting dryer, TRLW355N-1 high speed centrifuge, mud tank and other auxiliary accessories. Drilling waste management is known as drilling fluid non-grounding, which refers to the use of mud non-grounding equipment to filter out the waste in drilling fluid. Mud non-ground treatment equipment can turn waste drilling mud into treasure, since oil-based mud is a kind of hazardous waste. Drilling waste management produced by TR Solids Control can make the waste oil-based drilling mud treated and reused, which not only reduces drilling cost, but also meets the requirements of environmental protection.

High speed centrifuge, vertical cutting dryer, mud tank for drilling

This systems include high speed centrifuge, vertical cutting dryer, mud tank and auxiliary accessories.

TR Solid Control has always adhered to corporate philosophy of “Customer satisfaction is the highest pursuit”, and constantly develops new mud purification and recycling equipment. We thank our customers for support and trust in us. We will continue to work hard and actively devote ourselves to making greater contributions to drilling mud purification business and domestic and international environmental protection. Welcome your consulting of TR solid control equipment and drilling waste management schemes!

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