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Pyramid Shaker Screen Ready for Middle East Client

Author:管理员    Date: 2019-08-22

Congratulations! Our new developed client from Middle East ordered new package of pyramid shaker screens. Which will be used in their Derrick 503 shale shaker. They have strict requirement about the quality and package. So we recommended and provided our best quality stainless steel 316 screens. At present, we completed the production, and these screens will be shipped out soon.

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Pyramid shaker screens are ready for our Middle East client.

Main characteristics of TR PMD type shaker screens:

  1. Wave screen has large effective area, and drilling fluid is treated in high-efficiency by using it.
  2. Every wire cloth in the sieving screen has different meshes, and accurate collocation can make the screen have better effect.
  3. Stainless steel wire cloth is wave, and closely holds metal support plank together. The effective area is up to 125% to 150% of the flat screen with the same specification, so as to improve the quality of drilling fluid and increase the production.
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TR Solids Control is professional in producing Pyramid shaker screens.

TR Solids Control supply one-stop service for all kinds of shaker screens. In addition, we can provide replaceable shaker screens for international brands like Derrick, Swaco, King Cobra, VSM etc. We also customize screens according to drawings. Our shaker screens have competitive price and long usage time. They are popular by customer. Come to contact with us now!

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