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Screw Pump Exported to South Asia

Author:管理员    Date: 2020-09-24

Screw pump is a pump in which the working pressure is created by means of screw-shaped impellers in the vertical water column. Our G series pump is the closed type screw pump with inside mesh, belonging to rotate cubage pump for its strong application with medium, stable flow, well suction capacity, low pressure fluctuate. It is not only can transport kinds of flow medieum, but also the medium with high viscidity, hard suspend granule or solid granule and fibre.

Solid control screw pump, centrifuge feeding screw pump

G30-1 screw pumps are ready for our South Asia client.

Recently 2 sets G30-1 series screw pump were completed production in our workshop. They will be delivered to our South Asia client later. Flow rate for this pump is 5m3/h, lift is 60m. Working pressure is 0.6Mpa, and motor power is 2.2kw. The inlet diameter we set is 50mm, and outlet diameter is 40mm. Its rotary speed could arrive 960 r/min. Its main operation parts are eccentric screw(rotator) and static bush(stator). Due to special geometry shape, this pump forms several single sealed room. It pumps the medium from suction part to discharge part continuously and regularly.

Drilling fluid screw pump, high performance screw pump

TR Solids Control is a well-know manufacturer of screw pumps.

TR Solids Control is a well-know manufacturer of screw pump with rich experience. We design and manufacture products and services that meet and exceed the challenges faced by the global energy industry. As a trusted partner, we support customers through the total life of their assets and aim to extend the life of equipment through our comprehensive engineered aftermarket services.

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