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Structural Features Of TR Vacuum Degasser

Author:管理员    Date: 2020-04-29

Vacuum degasser is a solids control device for treatment of gas cut drilling liquid. It can get rid of invasive gas quickly in drilling liquid to recover specific gravity of drilling liquid and stabilize its performance. It’s an indispensable equipment for exploration wells, ultra-deep wells and underbalanced well drilling projects, suitable for supporting various drilling fluid circulation purification systems.

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Structural features of TRCD series vacuum degasser:

  1. Belt drive makes it avoid the complexity of the reducing gear, and guarantee long working time without trouble.
  2. There is a gas-water separator in vacuum degasser, which avoids water and gas are discharged at the same time, and also supply water to the vacuum pump, saving water and environment-friendly.
  3. Vacuum degasser makes mud throw towards barrel wall at a high speed by rotor. Bubbles in the mud are broken thoroughly, making degasser have high degassing efficiency up to 95%.
  4. Water ring type of vacuum pump work is always at a constant temperature state, suitable for flammable and explosive gas suction.
  5. Scientific and reasonable design for structure. It can achieve effective separation of gas and liquid, filter out impurities, and ensure exhaust pipe always clear.
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