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Three Daily Operations of Linear Shale Shaker

Author:管理员    Date: 2021-04-10

There are two main types of shale shakers according to different vibration motion, linear motion shale shaker and balanced elliptical motion shale shaker. Generally linear motion shakers have super sieving effect. However, with the passage of time and improper operation and use, the machine will become more and more sluggish. Even some parts will be damaged. So the maintenance is very important. The following are the three daily nursing operations of linear shale shaker for your reference.

Linear motion shale shaker, drilling fluid shale shaker

TRZS584 shaler shaker is our popular shaker model.

Three daily operations of linear shale shaker:

  1. Oil injection. Lubrication parts such as bearings of linear shale shakerare generally filled with oil guns. The nozzle injection can be replaced according to different equipment, and some also canuse connecting tools.
  2. Protection. Damaged parts such as bearings have certain protective measures to prevent the bearing from affecting production due to excessive wear, avoid other debris from damaging the bearing, and prevent the bearing from heating up due to rotationprocess.
  3. In addition to checking the tightness of boltsregularly, you can also use pressure bolts to ensure that the bolts are tight.
TRZS584 shale shaker, solid control shale shaker

TRZS584 shale shaker is widely used in oil and gas.

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