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TR Mud Agitators are Loaded and Shipped Again

Author:管理员    Date: 2021-10-26

The production of the second batch of TRJBQ11 (11kW) and TRJBQ2.2 (2.2kW) mud agitators ordered by the customer in our company was completed and loaded and shipped as required.

The delivery is the same as the first batch. There are 22 sets of TRJBQ11 (11kW) mud agitators and 8 sets of TRJBQ2.2 (2.2kW) mud agitators. The main color is blue, the color of coupling protective cover is yellow, the supporting motor of TRJBQ11 agitator is YB3-160M-4 (11kW), two-stage energy consumption, the reducer is TWPX175-A (speed ratio is 1:20), the rod length is 1650mm, and the double-layer blade structure; The supporting motor of TRJBQ5.5 agitator is YB3-100L1-4 (5.5kW), two-stage energy consumption, the reducer is TWPX120-A (speed ratio is 1:20), the rod length is 1000mm, and the single-layer blade structure.

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The mud agitator is mainly used for mixing and mixing the drilling fluid to prevent the solid particles of the drilling fluid from depositing in the circulating system, so as to stabilize the performance of the circulating drilling fluid and mix evenly. It is a common mud mixing equipment on the drilling site; TR Solids Control is a manufacturer of mud agitator. The company can customize mud agitators with different power, rod length and blade size according to customers’ on-site requirements, and provide customers with mud agitators suitable for on-site use. If you need a mud agitator, you can contact us at any time: +86 13186019379.

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