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TRNJQ80-3 Mud Guns were Boxed and Sent Overseas

Author:管理员    Date: 2021-11-05

15 sets of TRNJQ0-3 mud guns ordered by foreign client in our company have been produced, boxed and sent overseas. The mud gun is mainly used in the drilling mud circulation system, also known as the drilling fluid gun. It is mainly used to wash and mix the dead corners that cannot be stirred by the mud agitator in the drilling fluid circulation tank, and fully mix the drilling fluid in the circulation tank, so as to evenly suspend the solid particles in the drilling fluid, which is convenient for the hierarchical separation of drilling fluid purification systems at all levels, prevent mud from settling in the drilling mud tank. The mud gun can also be used together with the drilling fluid mud shear pump or jet mud mixer. It is used for mud transportation between silos in the mud system, which can perfectly combine and coordinate the drilling fluid and mud of each solid control system, and make the whole solid control system a unified whole. Mud gun parameter,mud gun manufacturer mud gun manufacture,drilling mud gun The mud guns ordered by the client this time are TRNJQ80-3 mud gun produced by our company. The main pipe of TRNJQ80-3 mud gun is 3-inch thick wall seamless steel pipe and 3 mud nozzles. The mud gun has the advantages of simple structure, flexible operation (360 ° omni-directional rotation), convenient use and long service life. It is an ideal oilfield mud gun to prevent mud precipitation. TR Solids Control is a mud gun manufacturer. The company can customize mud guns of different specifications and sizes according to user requirements. For more information about mud guns, please contact +86 13186019379 at any time.

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