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Vertical Cutting Dryer For Drilling Waste Management

Author:管理员    Date: 2020-03-26

Vertical cutting dryer is a kind of drying machine for treating slurry in oilfield. It can be called vertical centrifuge from its structure. Currently it’s widely used in drilling waste management application. Recently we completed the second set of vertical cutting dryer for our old customer. Since the excellent using effect of the first set in their drilling field at last year, they ordered the second one after our New Year holidays.

Vertical cutting dryer for sale, factory price vertical cutting dryer

The second set vertical cutting dryer is completed for our old customer.

This new vertical cutting dryer will be used in their oil-based drilling waste management. It will be matched with other equipment like drying shaker, high speed decanter centrifuge, supply pump, screw conveyor and mud tank. TR vertical cutting dryer can deal with a large numbers of waste sediment efficiently and fastly, and reduce oil and water content of the cuttings effectively. After treatment, the oil content (OOC) of cuttings is below 3%. It’s a good choice for handling slurry in both water-based and oil-based mud.

Vertical cutting dryer for oil drilling, good performance vertical cutting dryer

This new vertical cutting dryer will be used in their drilling waste management field.

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