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Decanter Centrifuge & Vertical Cutting Dryer for Drilling Company

Author:管理员    Date: 2020-07-16

TR Solids Control has rich experience in designing and manufacturing decanter centrifuge and vertical cutting dryer. At this week, we shipped new solid control equipment to our domestic drilling field. It includes 1pc TRLW450N-2 decanter centrifuge and 1pc TRCD930C vertical cutting dryer. The final installation and commissioning work has been completed, and is expected to be delivered to our old customer in the short term.

High speed centrifuge, oilfield vertical cutting dryer

Decanter centrifuge and vertical cutting dryer will be shipped to drilling company.

Decanter centrifuge is the fourth solid control equipment in handling drilling fluid. According to different rotary speed, it can be divided into middle speed centrifuge, high speed centrifuge and high speed frequency centrifuge. Our model TRLW450N-2 belongs to high speed type and has long bowl length 1250mm, bowl diameter is 450mm. Its rotary speed could arrive 3200r/min. TRLW series decanter centrifuge delivers high fluid-recovery rates and efficient solids control to significantly reduce the costs of makeup fluids and disposal.

Drilling fluid decanter centrifuge, vertical cutting dryer for oil drilling

Vertical cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge will be used in oilfield drilling site.

Vertical Cutting Dryer is one of the popular products for OBM and WBM. It is a kind of drying machine for handling mud in oilfield. The capacity of our model TRCD930C vertical cutting dryer is 30-50 T/h. Maximum basket diameter is 930mm, and rotary speed is 900 r/min. It has two electric motors, main motor power is 55kw, and oil pump power is 0.55kw. In addition, we have variable-frequency models available to customers’ requirements. TRCD series vertical cutting dryer can recover the oil cuttings in the composition, oil content of cuttings after treatment is generally less than 3%.

TR exported directly or sold with supporting drillers to more than 30 countries and regions in the world such as Russia, United States, Australia, Latin America and the Middle East etc. Making sure to support first-class solid control equipment with developing “Made in China” as our own tasks. Holding forward-looking to each task, every drawing has technicity to direct, every process has worker to follow up and every product has QC to check on. To provide customers with a full set of solid control equipment solutions effectively is our company’s goal.

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