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Drilling Waste Management Shipped to Old Client

Author:管理员    Date: 2020-07-09

TR Solids Control has made great progress on drilling waste management project at this year. The second set water-based drilling waste management purchased by our old customer was ready and shipped to drilling site at last week. Because of the stable and good performance of the first set at last year, they ordered the second one for their new drilling project in May. Our client shows satisfication with TR drilling waste management and good after-sale service.

Drilling waste management, solid control equipment

Drilling waste management is ready and shipped to old client.

This drilling waste management composed of drying shaker, skid-mounted mud tank, screw conveyor, mud agitator and feeding submersible pump. The system will recyle drilling fluids for reuse to save cost, and reduce the moisture content for easy transportation. TR drilling waste management achieves “mud does not fall to the ground”. It completely eliminates potential contamination of solid waste in site, and makes well site clean. Also it achieves environmental goals of drilling “zero discharge”, brings qualitative improvement to the environmental management of oilfield enterprises.

Solid liquid separation, drying shaker for DWM

New drilling waste management will suppory drilling project soon.

After years of production and on-site practice, TR has gradually developed modular design and skid-mounted integrated design to adapt to different oilfield drilling conditions of drilling waste management system. Our mud system and solid control equipment has exported to many countries like Thailand, Egypt, Middle East, Malaysia, USA, Mexico, Australia, UK, Africa, Algeria, Iraq, Iran etc. Any question or interest about our product, please don’t hesitate to contact with us. It’s our honor to help and support your business.

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