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Shale Shaker & Mud agitator for Drilling Waste Management

Author:管理员    Date: 2020-07-02

Recently, 2pcs TRZS703 high-frequency shale shakers and 8pcs TRJBQ11 mud agitators were finished the final inspection and package in TR workshop. They are on the way to water-based drilling waste management site. TRZS703 shaker is one of linear motion shale shakers in our company. Its processing capacity is 130m³/h, and supporting motors are two 2.2kw explosion-proof motors. Screen specifications are 700mm×1250mm×3 pcs. The screen area is 2.6㎡, and adjustment angle of the shaker box is: -3°~+3°. We can adjust the angle of shaker box to control the degree of dryness and wetness of mud at the outlet. Motor power of our TRJBQ11 mud agitator is 11kw with explosion-proof motors.

TRZS703 shale shaker, drilling mud agitator

TRZS703 shale shakers and TRJBQ11 mud agitators are ready for shipment

TR Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of solid-liquid separation plant in China for more than 10 years. Our company has been devoted to the research of solid-liquid separation for a long time and has achieved great results in this area. The shale shakers and mud agitators ordered by our customer are all drilling waste management modules used in shale gas drilling and production. Larger particles in the waste slurry are separated by shale shakers, thereby reducing the pressure of filter press part and also protecting the filter cloth. Mud agitator is used in mud storage tank and feeding tank to prevent the mud from settling in the tank.

Linear motion shale shaker, oilfield drilling mud agitator

Shale shakers and mud agitators are shipped to drilling waste management.

The solid-liquid separation equipment manufactured by TR Solids Control can be applied to oil & gas mining, drilling waste management, horizontal directional drilling, subway shielding, city piling, and other different drilling construction sites. If you have any requirement recently, welcome to contact TR sales team at any time. We can customize suitable solid-liquid separation unit or system according to your construction requirements.

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