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Mud Recovery System for HDD Company in Malaysia

Author:管理员    Date: 2018-11-15

On November 13th, TR shipped out one set high-standard mud recovery system for HDD(horizontal directional drilling) industry in Malaysia. This is the eighth set same system sent to South Asia Territory. With many years development, TR solid control equipment are currently used in many industries such as oil & gas drilling, city bored piling, drilling waste management, and trenchless industry like HDD, tunneling, microtuneling etc.

HDD mud recovery system, mud cleaning system for sale

For this HDD mud recovery system, the total capacity is 500GPM. It includes one mud tank, three TRJBQ11 mud agitator, one TRZS585 shale shaker, one TRCS250-1S mud desander, one TRCN100-8N mud desilter, and two supply sand pump TRSB5×4-11J 30kw. TR solids control system ensures good and efficient treatment effects of removing solids particles and gas bubbles in drilling fluids. Our mud system has a good performance of cold resistance and high temperature resistance. Also anti-explosion, anti-leakage, anti-corrosion, raining proof, also adapt to wicked condition of well drilling. At present, TR mud system is very popular among customers.

HDD mud recovery system, shale shaker, desander & desilter, centrifugal pump

TR Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of mud recovery system for HDD industry in Chinat. We could provide one-stop service for your drilling requirements. If you have any inquiry about shale shaker, shaker screen, mud agitator, mud cleaner, desilter, desander, decanter centrifuge, shear pump, centrifugal pump, jet mud mixer, etc, welcome to contact us freely. TR will provide our best price and service.

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