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TR Mission Sand Pump Sent Abroad

Author:管理员    Date: 2018-12-20

After half a month production, we completed the production and commissioning of Mission sand pumps. Finally they have been ready to ship abroad on December 18th. The centrifugal sand pump produced by TR Solids Control can replace any accessory with original Mission sand pump completely. Sand pump is a type of centrifugal pump. It is often used in oil drilling industry, and used to supply slurry for desander or desilter. Furthermore, TR Mission sand pump adopts precision casting process and has a beautiful appearance. Material is made of alloy cast iron.

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All of TR accessories can be totally interchangeable with NOV National Oil Well Mission Centrifugal Pumps. Below are the main parameters of TR Sand Pump:

Model Flow Rate Head Impeller Diameter Power Electric System  Ex Standard Weight Dimension
TRSB8×6-14J 320㎥/h 40m 14in 75kW 50HZ ExdIIBt4  /  IECEX  /  A-TEX 1096kg 1968×650×1017mm
TRSB8×6-12J 12in 60HZ
TRSB8×6-13J 275㎥/h 35m 13in 55kW 50HZ 987kg 1894×650×957mm
TRSB8×6-11J 11in 60HZ
TRSB6×5-13J 200㎥/h 35m 13in 45kW 50HZ 786kg 1811×558×858mm
TRSB6×5-10J 10in 60HZ
TRSB6×5-12J 150㎥/h 30m 12in 37kW 50HZ 771kg 1786×558×858mm
TRSB6×5-9J 9in 60HZ
TRSB5×4-13J 120㎥/h 35m 13in 30kW 50HZ 696kg 1696×568×805mm
TRSB5×4-11J 11in 60HZ
TRSB5×4-12J 90㎥/h 30m 12in 22kW 50HZ 583kg 1648×568×800mm
TRSB5×4-10J 10in 60HZ
TRSB4×3-13J 65㎥/h 35m 13in 18.5kW 50HZ 561kg 1595×505×800mm
TRSB4×3-12J 12in 60HZ
TRSB4×3-12J 55㎥/h 28m 12in 15kW 50HZ 482kg 1550×505×755mm
TRSB4×3-10J 10in 60HZ
TRSB4×3-11J 45㎥/h 25m 11in 11kW 50HZ 464kg 1510×505×755mm
TRSB4×3-9.5J 9.5in 60HZ
TRSB3×2-10J 30㎥/h 20m 10in 7.5kW 50HZ 380kg 1398×490×717mm
TRSB3×2-9J 9in 60HZ

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TR Solids Control could supply one-stop service for sand pump. Our pump has good quality and competitive price. If you have any purchase plan about shale shaker, mud cleaner, mud agitator, mun tank, decanter centrifuge, shear pump, screw pump, jet mud mixer, vacuum degasser, vertical cutting dryer, liquid gas separator, also flare ignition device etc, welcome to contact with TR Solids Control. We will provide the best service to you!

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