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Derrick Vacuum Degasser to be Shipped Abroad

Author:管理员    Date: 2022-06-22

The vacuum degasser is mainly used to remove the gas contained in the drilling gas influx mud. It ensure the drilling safety and progress. In the hot summer, Derrick vacuum degasser produced by TR Solids Control is ready to be sent abroad.

vacuum degasser

Vacuum degasser is mainly divided into centrifugal degasser and jet degasser. At present, there are many manufacturers using centrifugal degasser in China. But there are few manufacturers processing and producing jet degasser. TR Solids Control is a manufacturer that can process and produce jet degasser. Jet degasser is mainly produced by Derrick. The jet vacuum degasser generates negative pressure in the tank, uses atmospheric pressure to press the mud into the tank, and the evacuation device continuously extracts the gas in the tank, so as to generate a fixed negative pressure in the tank. Then use the jet pipe to pump out the mud.

vacuum degasser

Jet degasser is a kind of drilling fluid degasser. Vacuum degasser is a new type of special equipment for treating gas invasion drilling fluid, also known as mud degasser. It can quickly remove all kinds of gas invaded into drilling fluid, and plays an important role in restoring the specific gravity of mud and stabilizing mud performance. At the same time, the drilling fluid degasser can be used as a high-power mixer. It is suitable for supporting various mud circulating purification systems.

vacuum degasser

When there is a large amount of gas cut mud to be treated and the mud gas cut is serious, we suggest adding a liquid gas separator at the front end of the vacuum degasser for treatment. The service life of centrifugal sand pump, desander and desilter can be prolonged after the gas cut mud is treated by vacuum degasser. We welcome you to visit our company to guide the design and production of mud degasser.

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