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Delivery of New Mud System for Domestic Customer

Author:管理员    Date: 2020-03-19

Before our Chinese New Year, we received an order of water-based drilling waste management from our new domestic customer. After the trial operation and our client’s inspection, it was shipped to their drilling site at the first time after our holidays. Normally, with a good waste management practice, the amount of waste and the toxicity of waste will be reduced and bring a good environment for drilling fields. This is what many customers count and choose in these days.

Drilling cuttings dewatering system, China mud system supplier

New drilling waste management is completed for our domestic customer.

This new mud system is composed of one piece TRPS585 drying shaker, one set shaker tank, screw conveyor, one set mud tanks and 2pcs long rod pump. It will save much cost and create great economic benefits to our client. In the process of oil and gas drilling, general shallow wells would use water-based mud, and deep wells would use oil-based mud, that makes conventional solids control equipment work effectively on recovery of heavy metal and stone and useful drilling fluid. Normally water based drilling cuttings can reduce the moisture content for easy transportation.

Mud cleaning system, drying shaker for sale, oil sludge treatment system

This mud system will be used in water-based mud treatment.

TR Solids Control could supply both water-based and oil-based drilling waste management scheme. We have rich experience in customizing and manufacturing all kinds of mud systems. At present, our mud system and solid control equipment has exported to many countries like Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam, US, Egypt, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Oman, India, Singapore, Malaysia ect. TR factory has complete certificates and approves relevant standards.

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