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Desander and Mud Hopper for Vietnam Customer

Author:wpadmin    Date: 2021-01-28

Mud desander and mixing hopper are common solid liquid separation equipment in the whole solid control system. On Jan. 25th, new batch of TRCS250-2S mud desander and TRSL150-50 mud hopper were accomplished at TR factory. Soon they will arrive Shanghai port for delivery to our Vietnam customer.

Solid control desander, mud mixing hopper for oilfield

Desander and mud hopper will be delivered to Vietnam customer.

As a solids control equipment of the second stage in drilling operation, desander is used to remove harmful solid particles of 40-74μm in drilling liquid. The capacity of our TRCS250-2S desander is 200m3/h with 2pcs 10” cyclones. It’s matched with TR small model bottom shaker TRZS60 with one 0.4kw motor installed. Mud hopper is a new type of jet ejector device designed by combining the venturi tube with the original jet nozzle and funnel. Dimension of our TRSL150-50 mud hopper is 600*600mm. Operating pressure is 0.2-0.4Mpa. It’s usually equipped with a centrifugal pump or shear pump and a pipeline, which constitute jet mixing device.

Drilling fluid desander, high efficient mud mixing hopper

Mud hopper and desander will be used in oil and gas drilling field.

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