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Drilling Shale Shakers To Be Delivered

Author:管理员    Date: 2020-07-23

Shale shaker unit is always used as the first stage separation equipment in solids control system. TR shale shakers are applied in both domestic and international drilling site, and the usage feedback is positive. Recently, after several days of intensive production, three new sets balanced elliptical motion shale shaker have been passed procedures of the production, quality testing and commissioning. At present, they are ready to be delivered to our old customer.

Drilling fluid shale shaker, solid control shale shaker

Three new sets balanced elliptical motion shale shakers are ready for delivery.

Model of our BEM shale shakers are TRPS584, fitted with 4 panels of 585*1165 composite screens on the deck. Handling capacity is 140m3/h, with 2pcs 1.94+1.0kw explosion-proof electric motos installed. The overall screen area is up to 2.7㎡, installed by the wedge block pressing 2 sides. Vibration strength is adjustable, and can be up to 7.1G. Since our customer required a series of high standards in design configuration production. We complete the production task comply with customer requirements and standards. They are very satisfied with the finished shale shakers as before.

Shale shaker for oil gas drilling, balanced elliptical motion shale shaker

TR shale shakers are applied in both domestic and international drilling site.

TR shale shakers are highly popular with users because of the high quality and true cost effectiveness. They are widely used in the oil drilling mud system, trenchless drilling mud system and waste cuttings management system. Do you have demand or any question on such equipment? Please feel free to contact TR Solids Control to get your optimal solutions at once.

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