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Flare Ignition Device to Middle East Market

Author:管理员    Date: 2021-03-11

Flare Ignition device is the security and environment friendly equipment to process the harmful combustible gas in drilling fluids. It is used together with drilling fluid gas separator and is widely used in oil drilling engineering. At the end of February, we received new order of TRYPD-20/3 flare ignition device from old customer in Middle East. After 15 days’ production and assembly, it was ready for shipment at this week.

TRYPD-20/3 flare ignition device, Oilfield flare ignition device

TRYPD-20/3 flare ignition device is ready for delivery.

This kind of flare ignition devices are very popular among our customers in domestic oilfield market. The diameter of main body of TRYPD-20/3 flare ignition device is DN200. Charging voltage is 12v/220v. Ignition media can be both natural gas and LPG. It’s matched voltage is 16v, and charging mode is AC. In addition, we have diesel type flare ignition device as option. TR flare ignition device has good performance and could assure human safety to the fullest. Currently it’s widely used in oil & gas drilling, refinery plants, natural gas gathering, transportation stations, coal bed gas etc.

Flare ignition device for oil and gas, API ignition system for oilfield

This kind of flare ignition devices are very popular among our customers.

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