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Mud Desilter Shipped to Middle East

Author:管理员    Date: 2020-10-30

At this week, TRCN100-4N mud desilter was complete the final assembly and production. It is ready to be shipped to the port for delivery to our Middle East Client. This desilter is used to drill geothermal wells. It will filter slurry and sand of drilling mud. The filtered mud will be injected into the wellhead directly after adding the chemicals through mud hopper to achieve the result of recycling.

Drilling fluid mud desilter, high performance mud desilter

TRCN100-4N mud desilter is ready for Middle East client.

The main element of mud desilter is cyclones. We use 4pcs 4” polyurethane cyclones for this desilter according to our client capacity requirement 60 m3/h. Motor power is 0.4kw with explosion-proof standard. Working pressure is 0.25~0.4mpa. Diameter of slurry inlet is DN100mm, and the slurry outlet is DN125mm. Separation point is 15μm~44μm. It is matched with bottom shaker TRZS60. Currently mud desilter is widely used in industries like oil & gas drilling, horizontal directional drilling, tunnel construction, microtunnelling, geothermal well, coal bed gas and so on.

Desilter for oilfield drilling, solid control mud desilter

This desilter will be used to drill geothermal wells.

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