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Vertical Cutting Dryer Sent to Drilling Field

Author:管理员    Date: 2021-07-02

Vertical cutting dryer is one of our best-selling products in the first half of the year. As the covid-19 is in under control in China, and international oil prices are rising slowly, our domestic drilling industry has improved in this year. The number of wells increases a lot. In these days, TR vertical cutting dryer has been recognized and praised highly from many drilling companies. On June.28th, new TRCD930C dryer has sent to drilling field again to serve drilling waste management.

TRCD930C vertical cutting dryer, drilling fluid dryer

TRCD930C vertical cutting dryer is sent to drilling field.

Vertical cutting dryer is one of the core equipment for drilling waste management. It is often used for oil-based mud to dry solids discharge, clean return fluid, and reduce mud loss. Generally, the oil content of oil-based mud is about 20% before vertical cuttings dryer is processed. After treatment, the oil content of drilling cuttings can be reduced to less than 5%. TR Solid Control is an enterprise with independent research and development of vertical cutting dryer. After continuous improvement, our dryer is more suitable for various complicated working conditions, with good use effect and long service life. Currently TRCD series vertical cutting dryer has been widely used in major domestic and overseas oil fields.

Vertical cutting dryer for drilling waste management

TR vertical cutting dryer will be used in drilling waste management.

TR Solids Control is a well-known manufacturer of vertical cutting dryers in China for over 10 years. Our dryers have been exported to Russia, America, Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, African, Australia, Europe etc. Besides, our other solid control units are widely used in oil and gas drilling, coalbed methane drilling, geothermal drilling, trenchless horizontal directional crossing, pipe jacking, shield tunneling, piling and other projects, tailings treatment, river dredging and other fields. If you want more information, please contact us!

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