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CBM Mud Recycling System for Old Customer

Author:管理员    Date: 2020-08-27

Recently, new mud recycling system customized by our old customer has been completed and shipped. It will be used for coalbed methane industry. This mud system is a solids control unit that combines a shale shaker and a mud desander. We apply US Derrick Cyclone for all cyclones design. At present, this system has arrived at customer’s drilling site and completed debugging.

Mud recycling system for CBM, solid control unit

CBM mud recycling system for old customer is ready for shipment.

This mud system mainly includes TRCS250×2S desander, TRSB8×6-13 centrifugal pump, TRHG40 mixing tank (including 2pcs TRJBQ7.5 mud agitators and 1pc TRSLH150-50 jet mud mixer). Bottom shaker used on the TRCS250×2S desander is TRZS703 double-deck shale shaker. Lower screen of this shaker can be used as primary separation equipment at treatment site. The mud returned by mud pump can be directly entered bottom screen for primary separation. Upper screen is used as bottom shaker of the desander, which can recycle mud liquid fully. TRHG40 mixing tank is composed of a TRSLH150-50 jet mud mixer, 2pcs TRJBQ7.5 mud agitators, a 40 square mud tank, a set of electronic control system, 2pcs explosion-proof lights, cat ladders, guardrails, etc. The guardrail is demountable and can be directly put down and hung on the tank during transportation. This reduces the time of on-site moving and disassembly.

Solid liquid separation, mud desander, shale shaker

TR mud recycling system has good performance and competitive price.

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