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CMC Preparation Tank Delivered to Customer

Author:管理员    Date: 2019-05-09

TR Solids Control is a professional and well-known manufacturer of solid control equipment in China. We can customize equipment suitable for drilling field according to customer’s requirements. Lately our Indian customer ordered a 20m3 CMC preparation tank from us. It will be used for the preparation of CMC chemical agents in their drilling site. Customer needs it to mix chemicals thoroughly, and ensure normal operation of the drilling construction.

CMC Preparation Tank, mud tank for sale, drilling mud agitator

CMC Preparation Tank are packaged in TR factory.

Regarding the CMC preparation tank ordered by the customer at this time, it is composed of one 20m3 mud tank, 2pcs TRJBQ7.5 mud agitator, one set of CMC preparation machine, one set electronic control system, and pipelines & valves. The main function of mud agitator is to prevent sedimentation of the mud prepared by the CMC preparation machine, and avoid to affect the quality of drilling construction.

Circulating mud tank, factory price CMC preparation tank

Our workers are preparing the shipment of the CMC preparation tank.

We are a solid control manufacturer integrated R&D, production, sales and technical services. Our company has passed API certificate, ISO9001, ISO14001 and QHSAS18001 certificates for solid control equipment and drilling tools. Our hot product includes mud cleaner, mud agitator, decanter centrifuge, shale shaker, shaker screen, centrifugal pump, submersible slurry pump, flare ignition device etc.

CMC preparation tank for sale, mud agitator for oil & gas drilling

CMC preparation tank is in the process of transportation.

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