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TRNHG-20 Mud Tank System for Old Client

Author:管理员    Date: 2020-12-21

Besides all kinds of solid control equipment, TR Solids Control also could supply mud tank system for mud mixing and recycling . Recently, we finished the production and package of new mud tank system at our workshop. This is the second TRNHG-20 mud tank system ordered by our old client.

TRNHG-20 mud tank system, oilfield mud tank

TRNHG-20 mud tank system is ready for shipment for our old client.

After the first set of TRNHG-20 mud tank system arrived at the site and used for a period of time, the customer signed a contract with our company again. This set is exactly the same as the first set of tank (consisting of 1pc mud tank of volume 20m³, 2 pcs TRJBQ7.5 mud agitators, 1 pc CMC preparation machine, electric control system, pipelines, valves, etc.). This set is used in another drilling site. The customer can place an order to us again after the first set is used for a period of time, which indicates that our equipment fully meets the customer’s on-site using requirements and the using effect is obvious. It also reflects our customer’s recognition of TR product.

Mud tank system for oilfield, drilling mud agitator

TRNHG-20 mud tank system will be used in drilling field.

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